Contact Us

Recreation Center (Main Office)
701 A Street E, Vinton
Phone: 319.472.4164
Fax: 319.472.3179

Skate & Activity Center
1703 C Ave, Vinton
Phone: 319.472.5168

Swimming Pool
302 8th Ave N, Vinton
Phone: 319.472.5334 (during season)




Matt Boggess - Director of Parks & Recreation



Aaron Hughes - Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation



Nicole Druschel - Administrative Assistant



Brian Elwick - Parks Maintenance & Facility Foreman


Allan Merchant - Renaissance Man


Board Members

Ryan Davis, Audra Piotti, Marcia Fisher, Aric Chvala, Tom Lindauer

The Vinton Parks & Recreation Department Board oversees the operations of the Parks & Recreation Department. The board consists of appointed community members that guide decisions on the development of recreational opportunities and facilities within the community. Meetings are held at the Vinton Recreation Center meeting room at 6 AM on the second Thursday of every month. Anyone who would like to address the board may be put on the agenda by calling our main office at 472-4164 one week prior to the meeting. All meetings are open to the public.